Preparing for St. Basil Writers’ Workshop

Ongoing training is available for newer writers seeking to develop their craft before entering St. Basil Writers’ Workshop, which is designed for advanced beginning and intermediate writers, many of whom have exhibited their commitment to the craft by writing novellas or novels, whether published or unpublished. Currently offered courses are listed below.

The Story Hearth

The Story Hearth is a faith-based writing community that offers structure and guidance in the craft of writing and the business of publishing.

Who It’s For

The Story Hearth is home to writers across genres, including memoir, fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism, philosophy, poetry, and beyond. Our community is for writers who:

🔥 Seek fellowship with supportive peers eager to share knowledge

🔥 Are burnt out on DIY writing craft books and want a real person to be their mentor

🔥 Want to explore the intersection between their faith and their creative life

🔥 Have stories collecting dust and don’t know how to publish them

🔥 Want a friendly nudge to sit down and actually write

Weary of writing alone? Join us for a free 14-day trial. It’s time to find your people.


“I joined the Story Hearth because I knew that Nicholas Kotar’s webinars, office hours, and interviews with working authors would be worth more than the price of admission. What I didn’t know was how invaluable the community would be to my work. I am a more focused and more productive writer today because of the weekly accountability posts, the group writing sessions, and the encouragement that comes from working alongside the writers of the Story Hearth community.” Michael Hudson

Led by Dn. Nicholas Kotar

The Story Hearth is led by the Workshop Dean, Dn. Nicholas Kotar, who authored 7 award-winning novels and coaches writers regularly.

Motivating Your Lazy Characters

A self-paced course designed to prep you for the Workshop

Let’s be honest: readers love or hate a story based on its characters. And the same is true for writers. When you create a character that comes to life, your story will unblock itself, and you’ll have to wrench yourself away from writing to make sure you’re still eating and sleeping. 

This course teaches you how to create those characters — characters that jump off the page and grab your readers by the throat.

Join Deacon Nicholas Kotar for four self-paced classes with short, targeted assignments designed to equip you with the most essential fiction-writing tools!

Who it’s for: beginning fiction writers.

Meet the Teacher

This course is taught by the Workshop’s Dean, Nicholas Kotar, award-winning author of 7 epic fantasy novels.

1:1 Coaching

Book your spot for personalized coaching with Katherine Bolger Hyde, St. Basil Instructor and Senior Editor at Ancient Faith Publishing.

Who It’s For

Writers who have completed a substantial portion of their manuscript and have an outlined plan or idea for their story but who want an experienced developmental editor to come alongside and guide them. It is suited for:

  • Writers seeking help with a particular issue
  • Writers seeking guidance on their novel as a whole

How It Works

  • 1-hr coaching sessions twice a month for whatever duration you need
  • Each session, including Katherine’s prior evaluation of your submitted material, is $100

To reserve your spot, email Katherine directly at


“Katherine is that rare editor who is not only careful and conscientious, but able to deliver constructive criticism with sensitivity. During the editing of my novel she caught mistakes that had slipped past dozens of readings. She tactfully pointed out anachronisms and her edits were meticulous and clear. It was a pleasure to work with Katherine- she made the editing process painless and dare I say, enjoyable!” ~ Sherry Shenoda, author of The Lightkeeper (AFP)

Meet Katherine

Katherine has spent her life surrounded by books, as a reader, editor, and writer. Her love of classic literature is reflected in her degree in Russian Literature from Reed College. She has worked for a number of years as senior editor for Ancient Faith Publishing, where she enjoys mentoring promising writers. She has published several books in both the secular and Orthodox markets.