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2024 Open House: 1.11.2024 Learn about our vision for the Workshop, what you’ll get out of the program, course timelines and descriptions, and tips for applying. Stick around for an informative Q&A!
St. Basil Writers’ Workshop Interview: Instructor Paul Kingsnorth Paul talks about the importance of taking breaks in the era of the talking head, how to write without the analytical mind taking over, and how to write a story worth telling.
St. Basil Writers’ Workshop Interview: Instructor Nicole Roccas
Nicole shares how to bring your whole self to the writing process, how to write about trauma in a way that is beneficial to yourself and others, and why writers need a third place like the Workshop to explore their creative potential.
St. Basil Writers’ Workshop Interview: Instructor Jonathan Pageau
We talk with Jonathan about his class on worldbuilding, how Scripture provides a template for creating a secondary world, and how (gasp!) Tolkien may have actually made a bit of a mistake with his worldbuilding.
St. Basil Writers’ Workshop Interview: Katherine Bolger Hyde
Katherine Bolger Hyde shares her career as both a writer and editor in Orthodox and secular markets. Along the way, she gives us insights into navigating the publishing landscape and cultivating core writing skills.
St Basil Writers’ Workshop: Training the Future Inklings
St. Basil Writers’ Workshop is designed to be the go-to community to train writers to become the next generation of the Inklings. Learn how to prepare your application for success.
Why Becoming a Storyteller Might Be the Most Important Thing You Do with Your Life
In this address given at Dartmouth College, Deacon Nicholas Kotar explores how all of us live within stories and why we need good stories to shape the narrative of our lives.